Sunday morning, a man placed a backpack containing what he believed to be explosives into a trash can a block south of Wrigley Field. Fortunately for everyone, he received the backpack from an undercover federal agent. The man was arrested shortly thereafter for being a terrorist asshole.

Sami Samir Hassoun, of the 4700 block of North Kedzie, has been charged with one count each of attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and attempted use of an explosive device, the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Chicago office said in a news release.

Hassoun’s arrest after midnight Saturday comes after a months-long investigation during which he unknowingly worked with an informant and an undercover FBI agent, officials said.

Hassoun, who is a Lebanese citizen and permanent resident alien, in June began expressing to an “associate” the desire to commit acts of violence in the city for financial gain and to cause “political transformation in Chicago,” the FBI said.

Those acts included a biological attack on the city, poisoning Lake Michigan, bombing the Willis Tower, assassinating Mayor Richard Daley and attacking police officers.

He ultimately settled on Wrigleyville as his target and wanted to use a bomb that he would detonate on a weekend night in order to inflict maximum damage.  Two months ago, Hassoun’s associate introduced him to an undercover agent who said he was from California and had access to explosives. NBC Chicago.

Before anyone suggests that the man was “entrapped,” or uses any other legal words they don’t understand, a person can be entrapped only where they are tricked into or induced to do something they were not otherwise predisposed to do. This man very clearly was interested in wreaking havoc in Chicago long before the feds got involved with him.

Good work to all involved.

  • CubsFanatic

    Wow. What a douche. I hope they lock him up and melt the key down.

  • ed

    hmmm, weird, sounds like a muslim name

    • necubsfan

      Hmmm, Ed, sounds like a moron’s name.

    • Ace

      That’s pretty unnecessary, ed. Timothy McVeigh was a terrorist – what’s his name sound like?

      • ed

        Ace, I know this is not a national security blog, but I feel compelled to reply to your comment before moving on the the next topic.

        1. There was only one Tim McVeigh attack and that happened 15 years ago. In the intervening time there have been THOUSANDS of islamist terror attacks against americans. I’m certain you will agree that 99% of the attackers had arabic or middle eastern names because it is a fact.

        2. Tim McVeigh’s explosives expert, Terry Nichols, was trained by islamist terrorists in the phillipines prior to the attack. The people who trained him were linked to Al Qaeda.

        3. Tim McVeigh did not belong to the worlds largest second largest religion, a group who’s holy scripture compels them to either convert the entire world or kill those who will not submit. (“Submit” by the way is the very definition of the word Islam)

        4. And finally you brought up the topic Ace, so don’t excoriate me for the sake of political correctness, after all this is a matter of life and death.

        • Ace

          I said “pretty unnecessary,” ed. I hardly think that qualifies as excoriating you.

          I’m not being politically correct, I’m being myself: not all terrorists are Muslim, not all Muslims are terrorists. I don’t think you disagree with that, so we can probably leave it there. I simply thought it was “pretty unnecessary” to comment on this guy’s name sounding Muslim.

  • ed

    Oh is the guy not muslim? I suppose he wasn’t intent on waging “holy jihad on the streets of america,” either. I can only assume that you have noticed the rash of domestic terror attacks perpetrated by muslims in the name of God. I recommend you read the news with discriminating intent, then you may notice the danger of this islamist style of war that has recently spread to america. You are their target, assuming you are American, so save your insults for somebody who wants to kill you.

    • necubsfan

      Hey dummy, Go Cubs!

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