This can’t come as much of a surprise, given that he’s missed a number of games this year with various strains and aches, including a bone bruise in his thumb, but Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez is now making clear that he hasn’t been healthy this year. He hopes – as we do – that it explains his poor performance at the plate.

”I’m not going to say specifically what it was, but I wasn’t healthy,” said Ramirez, who eventually went on the disabled list in June after battling a badly bruised thumb for several weeks.

”Not only the thumb, just injuries in general. I wasn’t healthy, put it that way. It’s tough enough to play when you’re healthy.”

Ramirez also was sidelined a few days last month because of a rib-cage injury and earlier this month missed time because of a quadriceps injury.

It’s one of the reasons he’s optimistic about his chances for rebounding with a big season next year and helping return some firepower to a lineup that likely will open the season younger, if not cheaper, than this year’s.

”I missed like 40 games this year so far,” he said. ”Hopefully, I get back to what I did [in past All-Star seasons] and just stay healthy.” CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

The twin black holes in the 3 and 4 spots in the lineup earlier this year did as much to doom the 2010 Cubs as anything else, so a return to productivity for Ramirez would go a long way to getting the 2011 Cubs on track.

  • KB

    He better take care of himself this winter. He’s right at the edge of where players of his ilk start their decline.

    • Bric

      Exactly. Big shocker. He tells he’s us he wasn’t healthy this year after he’s cashed about 90% of his paychecks. Remember when he struggled back in spring training and his response was “Who wouldn’t struggle against Marmol?” Did anyone really buy that? Just like Kevin Gregg admitted he was hurt all last year after he was shown the door to Toronto. If we had a GM who wasn’t so concerned with covering his ass we wouldn’t be talking about this after 5 months of BS.