It should not be surprising, but AAA Iowa manager Ryne Sandberg will have other suitors at the Major League level this year. While it is not typical that minor league managers get big-league gigs without having any Major League coaching experience, it is also not typical that the minor league manager in question is a Hall of Famer.

Thus, we can’t be surprised to learn that the Toronto Blue Jays have Ryne Sandberg on their list of managerial candidates. According to Jon Morosi, the list is a long one, so it’s not as if Sandberg is their primary target. Still, it suggests that he will have other options this winter, and may force the Cubs to think long and hard about what role they envision for Sandberg.

If Sandberg isn’t going to get the Cubs’ big job, hopefully the Cubs work on him very hard to take a bench coach job with the team (perhaps to the chagrin of the next manager, who could be looking over his shoulder), assuming he’s unable to secure a manager job with another team.

  • Tony Carrollo

    Only a GM who should be fired or an owner without a clue would make Sandberg the bench coach.

    Every time the team lost some sports writer would want to talk to Ryno or write about him taking over. It would not be fair if Quade got the job.

    I prefer Ryno to Quade but could live with Quade.