Tom Gorzelanny wasn’t quite dashing in his return to the rotation, and the offense continues to sputter. Hooray for late September in a losing season, eh?

And I learned something that may have been little known only to me.

  • Dave

    He leads the team. He led the team last year too. He isn’t fast, but picks his spots as well as anyone I’ve ever seen.

    • Ace

      It’s really impressive for a guy of his size, (lack of) speed, and age.

      • Dave

        Yadier Molina has 8 stolen bases this year and had 9 last year. How’s that for a brainfuck?

        • Ace

          I no longer know up from down.

  • Dave

    As much as I hate the Cards, I have to give Tony credit for getting his players yo be aggressive but not dumb. They take the extra base when they know they can get it. It’s hqrd to believe a guy with countless DUIs can get guys to play so smart.

    • Cardfan

      Don’t give McDrinkin the credit. AP has consistently flown through stop signs at third base and has free reign out there. He busts his ass and the coaches respect it – even when he pushes it too far on rare occasion.

      As for Molina…I am as dumbfounded as the rest of you. Dude is a double-play magnet due to his lack of wheels. How he steals a base is beyond me.

      • Dave

        He picks his spots, either because he has great instincts or he is well coached. Good baserunning can win a game and as Cubs fans know, bad baserunning can lose one.

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