Citing “personal and professional reasons,” Chicago Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly has decided to withdraw himself from consideration for the Chicago Cubs managerial job. I’m pretty shocked.

“With all due respect to the organization, to the Ricketts family and to Jim, I just didn’t feel at this particular time that this was a good fit for me,” Brenly said. “I’ve said all along that I would love to get back on the field if I felt the situation was right, but for personal and professional reasons, this is not the right time for me.”

Brenly said he’s been in contact with other teams about managerial opportunities, but he said he loves his broadcasting job and could return in that capacity next season. ESPN Chicago.

I’m sure more information will filter out over the coming days and weeks, but you have to wonder if it became clear to Brenly that (a) it wasn’t going to happen for him, (b) another job was going to happen for him, (c) he didn’t want to face the scrutiny that comes with the Cubs’ gig, or (d) he really does love being a broadcaster.

Still, it’s hard not to take it as a bit of a nut punch.

  • Joe

    My understanding is Bob doesn’t want his relationship with the Cubs to interfere with his son’s development as a player in the organization. If he became head coach, there would be a pretty serious conflict of interest there. Not that other folks have taken that sort of thing seriously before, but Bob seems to be the kind of honorable guy who would, IMHO.

    • ed

      sounds about right