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2 responses to “Confirmed: Chicago Cubs’ Payroll Expected to Decrease Next Year”

  1. Dingo

    Basically we will go from suck to shithouse

  2. Bric

    Again, I’ve said it many times before but I’ll keep saying it until we either get stuck with Dunn or Nady at 1st base nex yeart- why aren’t the Cubs trying to get Nick Evans to play first from the Mets. He’s behind Ike Davis and will be out of options next year. He’s hitting .400 and would fit in great with the young core of position players we’re already putting together. All it would take is a combo of two or three young pitchers (out of Jackson, Diamond, Atkins, and Berg). Basically anybody but Archer, Coleman, or Dolis. If you’re gonna rebuild I’d rather see a bunch of journeymen in the bullpen than all of these rookies anyway.