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20 responses to “Brace Yourself: Adrian Gonzalez Loves Chicago”

  1. N

    The big problem with overhauling this team this offseason is the Cubs really don’t have much bad money coming off the books – Lilly and Lee will be gone, but a lot of that would (theoretically) be ate up by their replacements and increases in other places.

    2011 offseason is a whole lot better – Fukudome’s contract will be over, Grabow’s contract will be done, and Silva’s contract will be done. That’s nearly $30 mil a year of players who can be replaced by a lot cheaper guys* and leave plenty of room for a run at Adrian Gonzalez. If this is for real, I’d hate for them to give up that space early by overreacting to this season.

    * – though Kosuke has been underrated this year.

    1. Kevin G

      Gonzalez is pretty cheap for next year, I don’t think he is even 10 mil. Ace, question for you if Gonzalez what would you be willing to to give up to get him?

  2. Willis

    You give up about anything for a dude who has hit 30 hr in a ballpark not meant for HRs. He would be awesome in a Cub uniform. He probably has 5-6 years at least of greatness left, so you give up whatever the hell the Padres want if it is on the table and then lock him up for a few more years.

  3. Butcher

    I’m not going to hold my breath.

  4. Willis

    Haha….me either. I get the feeling there will be hardly any moves made this offseason and what we see now is what we will see next April.

  5. CubsFanatic

    To be quite honest, having this guy as a Cub would make me happy. Although that is slight. But if we did trade for him, I wouldn’t give an arm and a leg for him. For one year? Come on guys. No guarantee he would be back. Give soem good ones, but not anyone like Jackson or something. (Now watch. Now that I say that. Just watch.)

    1. Bric

      Which Jackson, Jay or Brett? I only say this because I put Jay in with a couple of other guys (Coleman, Archer and Dolis) who will have years ahead of them in the big leagues but don’t promise to be anything awesome. In my mind I’d always take one all star over three servicable pitchers any day. We saw this year what having a bunch of average relievers gets you if you have no hitting. But if you meant Brett Jackson, then that’s a different question. He should’ve been minor league player of the year.

  6. KB

    This reminds me of when Jim Thome publicly pleaded to play for the Cubs. He’s from the area, had been a Cub fan since birth, loved the park, the fans, the city, everything.

    The Cubs said, “Meh.”

    1. BT

      That’s right KB. And the Phillies jumped on him. And guess what? Halfway through the huge contract they gave him, they decided they wanted to get rid of him so badly they PAID the White Sox to take him. Part of that was the fact they had a replacement ready in Ryan Howard, but much of it was because they didn’t think he could play 1B anymore. And they were right. He has played a grand total of FOUR games at 1b since then.

      I can’t believe (actually I totally can) that you are griping that the Cubs didn’t give an enormous contract to a guy whom the Philies had to pay to dump. Not to mention giving a 7 year contract to a guy with a history of back injuries seems insane by itself.

      Thome is a wonderful player, and is very valuable, but only to an American League team. The Cubs, last I checked, don’t play in the American League.

  7. Willis

    You make the trade if it’s out there and part of the agreement is signing him to an extension for 4-5 years. If it’s only for one year or half a year then no, no need in trading for him, wait to play high stakes FA games in 2012.