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Month: September 2010

Geovany Soto is Feeling Good Following Shoulder Surgery

Chicago Cubs catcher Geovany Soto had shoulder surgery yesterday to clean up his AC joint and alleviate discomfort he was experiencing in the second half of the season. If Soto is any judge, the surgery was a complete success. “They didn’t go in and repair anything and said every ligament and muscle looks great, and […]

Tyler Colvin Released from the Hospital, and Headed Home

Chicago Cubs rookie outfielder Tyler Colvin is out of the hospital following a scary injury. Earlier in the week, Colvin’s chest was punctured by a flying piece of teammate Welington Castillo’s broken bat. Cubs athletic trainer Mark O’Neal has been in touch with Colvin, as have several of his teammates. Catcher Welington Castillo called Colvin […]

Xavier Nady Wants to Remain a Chicago Cub

This winter, the Chicago Cubs signed Xavier Nady, coming off Tommy John surgery, to be the team’s fourth outfielder for just over $3.3 million, which was considered a bargain. He soon lost his fourth outfielder job to rookie Tyler Colvin, and struggled for most of the year. Whether his struggles were related to the surgery […]


Mitch Atkins Designated for Assignment

Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs designated pitcher Mitch Atkins for assignment, which removes him from the 40-man roster. The Cubs will have 10 days to trade or release Atkins, or, if he clears waivers, they can outright him back to the minors. It’s possible the Cubs looked ahead to next year, and saw that there wasn’t […]

Whoa: Terror Attack Was Intended for Wrigley Field

Sunday morning, a man placed a backpack containing what he believed to be explosives into a trash can a block south of Wrigley Field. Fortunately for everyone, he received the backpack from an undercover federal agent. The man was arrested shortly thereafter for being a terrorist asshole. Sami Samir Hassoun, of the 4700 block of […]

No Additional Instant Replay – Yet

Those hoping for increased use of instant replay will have to wait until at least the 2011 season (probably longer – like, when Bud Selig finally retires), as today the commissioner announced that there will not be any increased use of instant replay this postseason. Selig said Monday night that he had discussed the matter […]


OMG Adam Dunn: He Expects to Return to Nationals

Adam Dunn has made plain that he’d like to remain a Washington National after his contract expires this year. That said, the Nationals had appeared unwilling to pony up the necessary dollars and years to put a reasonable deal on the table, which led most to assume Dunn would be walking in free agency. Once […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Tyler Colvin and Geovany Soto Updates

Have you ever heard of a player getting impaled by a flying baseball bat? If that isn’t the clearest sign of God’s Wrath, I’m not sure what is. The good news is that Tyler Colvin is doing well after his brush with Welington Castillo, Vampire Hunter (h/t to SOI for the tasteless joke). Tests showed […]

Tyler Colvin in Stable Condition After Taking Bat Shard to Chest

Some scary stuff in today’s game, as outfielder Tyler Colvin was hit in the chest by a flying piece of bat, which pierced his skin and caused some internal damage. Doctors are working to prevent a collapsed lung. Needless to say, Colvin’s season is over. The freak accident happened as Colvin was running the bases […]

Boom: Geovany Soto to Have Season-Ending Shoulder Surgery

Good thing the Cubs were already long-eliminated from the playoff race, otherwise the news that catcher Geovany Soto is undergoing arthroscopic shoulder surgery would be much more devastating. Soto’s had trouble with the shoulder all year, so the surgery isn’t a huge surprise (even if we hadn’t heard word of it until now). The recover time […]


Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 2, Marlins 0 – September 18, 2010

So, you’re probably wondering why this EBS is so incredibly late. Awkward confession: I’m a Michigan fan. Thus, I was watching Michigan embarrass itself against UMass, and eke out a victory far too close for comfort. As for the Cubs, Ryan Dempster flashed brilliance again, and bullpen combined on the shutout. Swell.

Obsessive New Manager Watch: New Manager Must “Understand” Cubs History

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts tossed out a tidbit yesterday when discussing the new manager search. Namely, he said that whoever gets the job must understand the history of the Cubs – particularly the whole 102 years of losing shit. Ricketts has not said much publicly about the managerial search, other than that he wants […]

Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Schadenfreude

Though the Cubs just swept the Cardinals, it’s still been a painful season on the North Side. Sometimes, it helps to observe what’s happening on the South Side. And if you’re wondering what the heck this is all about, read up here.


You Should Probably Brace Yourself for Some OMG Adam Dunn

The offseason isn’t quite here yet, though September has the distinct feel of offseason for Chicago Cubs fans given the team’s elimination from playoff contention. For that reason, it’s already time to start talking about the hot stove. Or at least the lukewarm stove. With an opening at first base this winter, and no clear […]

Carlos Zambrano Reiterates Retirement Plan

Despite getting back to his formerly dominant self, Carlos Zambrano is taking the opportunity in the (positive) spotlight to remind folks that he plans to retire when his current contract is up. “Like I said, I don’t think I will be playing any more after these three years,” Zambrano told reporters after last night’s win […]

Obsessive New Manager Watch: It Ain’t La Russa

A collective sigh of relief rises up from the Cubs universe (though it’s an ironic sigh given how successful Tony La Russa has been), as Cardinals manager Tony La Russa affirmatively exited the Cubs managerial race. Of course, La Russa was in the race only insofar as his contract is up after this season. La […]

The Chicago Cubs 2011 Schedule

As you may know by now, the Chicago Cubs have released their full 2011 season schedule. The Cubs get the AL East in interleague play this year, at least in part, and among the highlights: Cubs head to Fenway May 20 to 22, and the Yanks come to Wrigley June 17 to 19. The season […]

Obsessive New Manager Watch: Fredi Gonzalez Out, Bob Melvin In

According to multiple reports, former Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez has turned down the Chicago Cubs’ offer of an interview for the team’s vacant managerial job. Gonzalez was once called Jim Hendry’s favorite for the role, but the problem is that he’s apparently also Atlanta’s favorite to succeed Bobby Cox. And as for Gonzalez, he is […]

Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 7, Cardinals 2 – September 14, 2010

I am working hard to take joy in beating the Cardinals as something unto itself, and not think about how this team is finally playing well when it doesn’t matter anymore (they were officially eliminated from playoff contention on Monday). The Cubs smacked Cy Young candidate Adam Wainwright around like he was former Cy Young […]