Now that Carlos Zambrano has confirmed his desire to remain with the Chicago Cubs for the foreseeable future, he’s making plans for the team. Specifically, he thinks the Cubs need a big bat in the middle of the order (the Amazing Kreskin that guy is), and he says that guy should be soon-to-be free agent Adam Dunn.

Looking ahead to next season, Carlos Zambrano says the Cubs need another big bat in the lineup. And he has the right man for the job in mind in Nationals first baseman Adam Dunn, slated to be a free agent this offseason.

“I want that guy,” Zambrano said. “He wants to play for us, not only this year but two years ago. He told me he wants to play at Wrigley Field badly.”

The Cubs pitcher said Dunn said he wanted to take aim at Wrigley Field in 2008, when he was traded by the Reds to the D-backs.

Other than Adam Dunn, the options for the Cubs at first base next year are slim (Derrek Lee could come back… just sayin’), so it remains possible that the team will try to use a one-year holdover before going after Adrian Gonzalez in 2012. There’s also that bugaboo about the Cubs’ payroll for 2011 already being nearly maxed out.

Depending on how “badly” Dunn wants to play for the Cubs, maybe he’ll have interest in a reasonable deal that would put him within the Cubs’ price range, and make him too attractive to pass up in the mere hope that Gonzalez would come calling next year.

  • KB

    Obviously, we’d only consider Dunn if we were totally going “all in” for a playoff push in 2011.
    But it’d be interesting. And I do think Dunn would pop 50 homers if he played half his games in Wrigley.

    • Lance

      I’m wondering how many of your readers have a clue who the Amazing Kreskin is (or was). Nice reference.

      • Ace

        I like to bring it back to highbrow from time to time.


    I did’t Know About this .But some info about Dunn. Dunn was a standout quarterback at New Caney High School in Texas. He has been among the major league leaders every season in number of pitches per at bat.

  • DK

    I really hope the Cubs sign him…He is a perfect fit now, unlike two years ago.

    • brian

      How so? We have a young infielder who is developing but will still commit a lot of errors next year and a third baseman who also will commit his fair share. Dunn at first will only lead to bad things. I see balls that should be picked getting by him that are tough plays which could possibly ruin Castro’s confidence. Do the 40 hrs and 100+ rbi’s make up for that? Maybe, but this team will not be in contention next year and I just don’t see him making enough of a difference at first instead of left. Also, Ricketts wants to lower payroll and I don’t see 15 million helping that cause.

  • Mike

    Dunn is one of the worst – if not THE worst – fielders I have ever seen.
    However, his bat is amazing. And who are our options at 1st? The ever-under-achieving Micah Hoffpauir. More like Micah Lack-of-pauir.
    Dunn would be a great fit. Cubs are already a team that spends way too much and gets little back, so a high-paying gamble isn’t hard to imagine. But I think he’d hit so well in Wrigley that it would pay off.

    The Cubs get rid of their best hitter every year – Grudzielanek, Todd Walker, Theriot, anyone who hits .300 is out. Now that Castro, Colvin and Byrd seem to be the base of our lineup, anyone added that does well will be a welcome bonus. If Sori ever gets his head out of his butt and hustles OR hits, he’ll be a great addition. And Dunn would be HUGE for the Cubbies.