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18 responses to “Should the Chicago Cubs Trade Marlon Byrd?”

  1. jstraw


  2. Kenny

    I just want to say I think it would be a bad idea on Hendrys part to get rid of Byrd. I believe our best bet is to migrate Colvin to First base, get rid of Kosuke and Zambrano if possible and move Byrd over to right field. Now I realize center is now open but whatever happened to the thoughts of getting Carl Crawford, especially if we unloaded Kosuke and Zambrano or if were lucky Soriano. Soriano for another bad contract player? Such as the Silva Bradley deal? Ahh possibilities all which Jim Hendry will screw up one way or another. I guess we can say hello to the reemergence of Kerry Wood because he had a good part of the season with Yankees so here comes a huge overpriced contract with no trade clause im sure..even though I love Kerry get him if he’s cheap so he can retire a Cub.

  3. CubsFanatic

    Why trade him? He did good for us last season. The Cubs can’t keep trading their good players and keep the bad. Focus on trading someone like Soriano or trade for pitching or SOMETHING!

    1. Kevin G

      With or without Byrd we aren’t going to contend. We don’t have a 1B, Ace, or leadoff man. We don’t know which A-Ram will be back next year. Soriano isn’t going to a return like Byrd, because of his contact.

      Brett A

      1. Kevin G

        Brett Jackson will be ready earily 2011. So that would fix the leadoff issue.

  4. Serio

    Yes Please

  5. Serio

    Brett Jackson thats the future…he will be ready in 2011…some of you are saying “Why trade BYRD He did good for us last season” I remember the same people saying Corey Patterson was good one season…then Felix Pie…Look Byrd was good last season…thats WHY he should look into trading him.

  6. KB

    Byrd will decline. Look at his age. Look at his 2nd-half stats.

  7. mike miresso

    keep fukudome

  8. Raymond Robert Koenig

    I agree. He plays the game right. He’ll take a walk. He’ll bunt. He plays good defense.