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4 responses to “Obsessive New Manager Watch: Tom Ricketts Has Interviewed Four”

  1. CubsFanatic

    Quade or Sandberg for me. Sandberg should get the shot though. I mean if he can do what he did with our Triple A team with the Cubs, We’ll be playing in October next year. Though Quade should be a close second.

  2. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Girardi if he’ available. Then Quade or Sandberg.

  3. steven j

    I’d say give the spot to ab inhouse guy, so sandberg or quade. But I’d favor sandberg, if cubs choose quade, we really can’t expect to see sandberg in the cubs system next yeah, he wants to manage a big league team, and I think he has paid his dues in the cubs system working his way up. A major plus could be, he has seen most of our prospects over the last few years that may make it to the big club soon….