The Chicago Cubs are down to the finalists for their managerial opening – interim manager Mike Quade, AAA Iowa manager Ryne Sandberg, and former Cleveland Indians manager Eric Wedge (the tea leaves indicate that, because Bob Melvin has yet to meet with Tom Ricketts, he’s probably not a finalist). And all of the finalists have been interviewed multiple times by both Jim Hendry and Tom Ricketts. A decision should therefore be coming in the next few days, right?

Possibly not. And it’s possibly because of Yankee skipper Joe Girardi.

The other reason for the deliberate pace, of course, is New York Yankees manager Joe Girardi. A source close to the process said the Cubs continue to monitor potential signals that Girardi, whose contract expires when the Yankees’ season is done, might be interested in the job.

The Cubs don’t want to close the door on what would be the best available outside candidate if Girardi makes himself available for an interview, the source said, regardless of how much of a long shot it might seem to land him. Girardi, a former Cubs catcher with strong local ties, was a candidate for the job four years ago.

Other sources close to Hendry emphasize that he is under no orders to stretch out the process for Girardi — or anyone else — if he’s confident he has identified and secured the top man for the job.

Several insiders expect an announcement before the World Series opener in less than two weeks — unless Girardi joins the mix. Hendry said at the start of the process that it would be ideal to have a manager in place by the organizational meetings, which are scheduled to start Nov. 2. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

The longer the Cubs wait, the more certainly they signal to Girardi that they’re willing to wait on him. Like a middle school relationship, though, the Cubs haven’t yet got a note back from Girardi that he might be interested.


    Yesterday I realized, it has to be Ryno, they are not waiting for Girardi..This will happen in the next 10 days. WHY ? Because the voiting for a new Mesa complex, very importatnt for the future of the cubs. Ricketts has been campaigning, who better to campaign with then the new manager of the cubs , an Arizona resdient, a hall of Famer,
    Ryne Sandberg. This would help persuade Mesa voters.

    • Ace

      Eh. While Sandberg would no doubt help get the measure passed, his impact would be very, very minimal. The Cubs are highly unlikely to let something as (relatively) minor as their choice of ST location determine their next manager.

      • RICO SANTO

        Ace The spring training thing is not minor, This project is a HUGE cash cow set up to make millions in the future,..But of course that is not the main reason.He has managed for 4 years and done an outstanding job as a teacher and motivatior . Being a HOF is a good marketing tool,The meetings start in Arizona Nov 2, they are not waiting for girardi, and yes if Ryno does not get the job he will not be a coach, someone will hire him as manager and his 4 years of working with these youngsters will be wasted. No one is going to hire Quade, no one outside of chicago has ever heard of him. No one in Chicago ever heard of him until he managed 37 games , and did a good job.After LOU the players were starved for some attention and motivation and they responded, Z going 8-0 helped. Playing Nady all the time did not

  • http://spoon1 J. Spoonmore

    Go with Girardi if he makes up his mine soon or go with sandburg I feel either one could do the job.

    • wax_eagle

      Pretty sure nothing with Girardi will be decided before Nov 3…