Earlier this evening, Will Carroll – currently of SI.com – tweeted that the Chicago Cubs would be naming Mike Quade manager as soon as next week, and would be promoting Ryne Sandberg from AAA Iowa to be Quade’s bench coach. Carroll attributed the information to a “good source,” and suggested that other members of the media would soon back him up.

Shortly thereafter, Carroll back off a bit, stating that another source who is “very wired into the Cubs” contradicted Carroll’s earlier report. Specifically, his second source suggested that the timing was probably a bit off. That is to say that the Cubs’ decision, as we’ve noted here for some time, is not likely to be quite so soon.

Not only would the timing of naming Quade manager next week be surprising (i.e., before the Yankees have exited the playoffs, allowing the Cubs to reach out to Joe Girardi), but having Sandberg on as his bench coach would be surprising for at least two reasons: 1.) Sandberg has made it very clear that he wants the big job, and has not suggested that he’d be willing to serve as a bench coach, and 2.) having Sandberg just over Quade’s shoulder feels like it’s setting Quade up to fail.

For what it’s worth, Gordon Wittenmyer agrees that having the two together on the same staff is a long-shot, to say the least.

  • marc

    Please god NOOOO! Your telling me the BEST person you can get in the whole coaching market for one of the premiere jobs in sports, Mike Quade is the best you can do? Being a cub fan is sooooooo……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… frustrating.

    • wax_eagle


      After 2 “celebrity” managers the Cubs have nearly stated that they want a low profile internal candidate (unless of course JG was available, which come on why would he leave the Yanks). It makes good sense that you put a guy who has been with the team for a while in this position. That made the obvious candidates Trammel, Brenly, Quade or Sandberg. I think Ricketts/Hendry are being realistic. Whoever the next manager is will have an uphill climb just to get to the playoffs. This is a team with a combination of raw young players and aging veterans who are far enough past their prime that this team will have trouble winning ball games next year.

      Let a guy like Quade keep going and persevere as more of the young talent comes up and gains experience then let Sandberg take his destined position when you are closer to contending for a title not just the yearly NL Central Roulette wheel.

      • marc

        I was watching the yankee’s and I see some tough days ahead for the yankee’s. Weak outfield and Jeter, Posada, Mariano, and Pettite are gonna be retiring soon. And players like bret gardener and thames arnt gonna be enough for them to even compete when they do finally retire. If they win the world series or maybe even make it to the world series… I believe he stays… but I can see him leaving because soon the rays and red sox will have theyre turn, and a few bad years back to back in NY…. He’ll be hitting the road… I dont even know who I want to be coach, to be honest. Just dont want quade.

        • Ace

          Yeah, I have a hard time believing Sandberg couldn’t get a coaching job with another team if he doesn’t get the managerial job with the Cubs. If you’re the Pirates, for example, wouldn’t you love to have Sandberg as your third base coach?

          • Ace

            Yeah, this reply is in the wrong place. But I’m not moving it.

            • marc

              toronto was rumored asking for permission to talk to sandberg….but seriously… who would want to coach the blue jays now a days…

  • rylan

    Sandberg has reportedly shot down these rumors, basically said if he’s on the team it will be as a manager, nothing else.

    • jstraw

      do you have a source for this information?

      • rylan

        According to the Mully and Hanley show, a friend of Sandberg mentioned that Sandberg has said “no manager, no ryno” put to bed the rumors of him being quads bench coach…so im not sure how valid it is, but it’s something.

        • Raymond Robert Koenig

          I’ll believe it when I see it. There is ZERO interest in Sandberg by any other teams. He’ll end up as the bench coach or back in AAA.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    What’s Sandberg going to do? Go back to AAA? He’ll take the bench coach’s position if it’s offered. Every other major league team knows he’s not ready to be a major league manager yet, except the Cubs of course.

    • marc

      hes been getting looks from Toronto and a few other openings, maybe even new york… we dont get him a job, hell get one somewhere else

  • marc

    My view on this is, what we’ve been doing the last 3-4 years…. do we want to keep doing that over and over? Quade wouldnt be the worst decision, I just think Sandberg or Girardi would be the ideal choices for obvious reasons. I agree that we need to get away from the “celebrity” manager. But we want to find someone who will and can be the face of the franchise as a manager. Sorry but quade doesnt quite cut it for me. And knowing the cubs and hendry, they always go with the most unpopular decision in the fans eyes it seems. Year after year our favorite players, get traded away for nearly nothing. How he still has a job after blowing this team up. Baffles me…

  • http://bleachernation.com RICO SANTO

    Again if it is the other way around Ryno manager, Quade Bench Coach would work. Quade has been with the big club for 4 years and did a good job as interim mgr, this would help Ryno. Quade wiould have a good job that is secure and hendry would be happy.If yanks get beat this series maybe they will let him go but I doubt it

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