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10 responses to “Obsessive New Manager Watch: Source Indicates Decision Could Be Made This Week”

  1. Cardfan

    As another aside…
    McDrinkin’ and McRoidin’ are baaaaack! Girardi is all yours.

  2. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Done deal. Quade for 2 years with a 3rd year option. No word on Sandberg yet.

  3. marc

    fucking quade got it…. load of bullshit

  4. Raymond Robert Koenig

    I agree.

  5. jstraw

    I would have been thrilled to get Girardi but I’m very happy with Mike getting the job. He’s going to get the most out of whatever kind of roster Hendry gives him to work with. Quade’s got the goods.

  6. Jeff

    If nothing else, it ties Quade, Hendry, and the Cubs on field success this year together. I don’t think he should get the job based off a good run at the end of a lost season, but all the players seem to be behind him, and with upcoming payroll reduction coming, it might be better not to expose Sandberg or a high dollar Girardi to what the Cubs will be next season.