According to multiple reports, today the Chicago Cubs removed the
“interim” tag from Mike Quade’s title, and will name him their new
manager. We’ll have more details later, but suffice it to say that
Ryne Sandberg is not pleased with the decision, and has indicated that
he intends to explore opportunities outside of the Cubs’ organization.

  • Lokanna

    I’m very disappointed by this. Not that I question Quade as the manager, but allowing Sandberg to leave. He’s done everything asked of him and is beloved by fans. You want to turn this franchise into the next Tampa Bay Rays (cut payroll, funnel it to scouting, player development, etc), you better be ready for the backlash. I believe if Sandberg was chosen and layed it out on the line to indicate better times are coming, the vast majority of Cubs fans would come along for the ride. Quade on the other? Not so much.

    Bad move Rickets, bad, bad move…

    Good luck Ryno. I hope you find what you’re looking for elsewhere!

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    I would love for the Cubs to be like the Rays. Great minor league system. Annual World Series contenders. Manageable payroll. The Cubs? We can see what Hendry’s done with his resources. As for Sandberg, he hasn’t left the organization yet. Besides, 4 years in the minor leagues hardly qualifies as “paying your dues”.

    • Bric

      I agree. The problem that Hendry has is the same as the Mets, Dodgers, and until recently, Phillies and Boston. Big market team- Big market prices-big market expectations. Every year. The issue I have with Hendry is that he doesn’t seem to give the Cubs fans credit for anything. He still thinks and worries that if the Cubs move a lot of salaries and try to invest in some blue chip minor leaguers, we’ll all stop watching. Honestly, after 100 years of rebuilding does he still feel the need to lie to us by saying we’re one big free agent away from the playoffs? If we wanted to run off and become Padres or Rays fans don’t you think we would’ve left by now? The douche doesn’t give us credit for anything.
      P.S. – Jim says buy more Adam Dunn jerseys. The Cubs nation isn’t represented enough in the country to support it’s blouted, free agent journeyman payroll.

  • bob

    another stupid hendry decision. i am done until you are gone. best of luck ryno!!

  • marc

    You should start a thread, “obsessive watch- jim hendrys next completley unpopular decision”
    Its almost like he looks at what the fans think, and goes to the way side… Fail!

    • Ace

      Haha. Well, that may be true (and you know I’m no Hendry defender), but this move was certainly popular with the players.

      Of course, those were the players that Hendry overpaid for, so…

      • marc

        I wonder what the reaction would be if ryno had gotten the job… I was on espn forums defending cubs fans from incompetant brewers fans… ha! It was quite histarical.

    • jstraw

      This decision is not completely unpopular.

  • umpirejim

    From now on it’s not The Ricketts Family it’s “The Addams Family” ! Fire Hendry !

  • necubsfan

    I Wish Quade good luck, he is going to need it. BTW is it just me or is he a spitting image of Jim Carey’s character “Fire Marshal Bill” from IN Living Color?