Chicago Cubs players spoke out yesterday, expressing excitement over the selection of interim manager Mike Quade to be the team’s manager in 2011. Quade was given a two-year deal, with an option for a third year.

Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster was one of the first players to endorse Mike Quade, and on Tuesday he applauded the team’s decision to reward the former third-base coach with a two-year contract as manager.

“Opportunity knocks at your door, man, and he answered the call,” Dempster said Tuesday. “It’s good to see somebody [rewarded] who goes out there and works their tail off for that many years as a manager in the Minor Leagues, then to do that as a coach in the big league level, and all the while just wanting that opportunity. He did a great job.” cubs.com.

On some level, these kind of comments are expected, given that Quade was already acting as the manager of the team – and it was a team that was winning.

But as much as we all love Ryne Sandberg, let’s not forget that Mike Quade was, in fact, far more qualified for the job. Folks like to point out that Sandberg toiled away for four long years as a minor league manager. Quade was a minor league manager for 17 season. He was a Major League coach for parts of eight seasons.

That is not to say that Quade was the better choice for the job – I think that’s still debatable. But for all the hand-wringing about Sandberg putting in his time, clearly, Quade has done the same, and then some.

The players are happy. Management is happy. Good. Great.

But, of course, we fans require something more to be happy. Namely: winning.

  • brian

    So everyone outside of the fans really wanted Quade, I can live with that but, what happens if Ryno finds success with another team and we’re still stuck in the perpetual suckitude? This is what worries me the most, we let Girardi slip away and now Ryno might possibly be gone, I really hope history is not going to repeat itself.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Not offering Sandberg the job this time and not offering Girardi the job the last time are not the same thing.

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