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18 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Agent Predicts Adam Dunn’s Contract”

  1. art

    defense and pitching win. as much as Dunn would help the offense, his D would make the Cubs worse if that’s possible. the 13 million would be what Hank would pay a one sided player.

  2. Dave

    I wouldn’t worry so much about the 3/40 part, but about the full no-trade Hendry would give him to keep him from being sent to an AL team in a couple years when the Cubs are completely out of it

  3. Peter Kempf

    Why on earth does anybody want Adam Dunn? Yes, he’ll hit a bunch of homers but his defense will only solidify the Cubs as the worst fielding team in the NL. And, his speed will solidify their place as the slowest team in the NL. These are 2 areas the Cubs need to dramatically improve and Dunn only makes it worse. C’mon folks, let’s start getting it right. I don’t care if it takes a couple of more years as long as we’re headed in the right direction. Adding Dunn with a hefty contract is going in the wrong direction.

  4. KB

    “Defense and pitching win.”

    Yep, those 2 things are very important in the 50% of the time when the team is not up to bat. The other 50%? You need guys who get on base, and who have power, the two MOST important offensive aspects.

    Guess what Dunn’s two greatest strengths are?

    1. Kevin G

      But we don’t have the pitching or defense to win. So you wait a year go after Adrain Gonzalez you get Defense, power and a guy that get on base.

      My hope is the Vitters, Brett Jackson and I think Hak Ju Lee will have a break through season next and will be ready for 2012.

      1. KB

        I’m all for that plan.
        In fact, though I’m a fan of Dunn’s attributes, I don’t think it’s necessarily the right move to chase him; I just think we’re probably a long way from contending right now, and signing a guy like Dunn would be smart only if he were “the last piece of the puzzle.”

  5. Kevin G

    Lee has great bat speed but his swing is flat. If he swung down on the ball more and was able to generate more back spin on the ball, he could have more power.

  6. KB

    I thought the whole reason to get excited about him was his dazzling glove?
    If he has weak plate discipline, limited power, and an OK glove, why all the hype?

    1. Kevin G

      He has more range and a better arm then Castro. Most scouts see him as a leadoff with Plus Plus Speed. His discipline is better then Castro’s he took 49 BB in 485 AB. Which is better then Castro’s 29 BB in 468 AB. And had a better OBP then Castro did this year by about 30 points. Discipline wasn’t his problem it was hits not falling in.