Small Adam Dunn update here, but it’s an important one. We’ve got our first data point on what Dunn’s contract could look like: 3 years, $40 million. That’s the guess according to MLB agent Matt Sosnick, who, it should be noted, does not represent Dunn.

It’s certainly as fair a guess as any other – I, myself, also expect Dunn to land a three-year deal, only after unsuccessfully lobbying for a four-year contract. As for the dollars, given his defensive limitations, I wouldn’t be shocked to see that number drift closer to $10 million per year, but neither would I be surprised to see it slightly above $13 million. Either way, with that as the range, there can be no doubt that the Chicago Cubs could afford Dunn, even with their budget restrictions.


The question is whether they should lock themselves into Dunn for three years at that kind of money.

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