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8 responses to “Good News, Adam Dunn is a Type A Free Agent”

  1. marc

    Trying to figure out the reasoning behind the picture… haha

  2. Serio

    Why should the Cubs spend the money on Dunn? I dont want them doing much this off season…i know we need a lefty bat-a starting pitcher & pen help…buuut i dont want to spend a lot of money

    1. art

      than don’t spend any. keep your money.

      1. serio

        oh Art….you are soo funny, but keep your funny

  3. CubsFanatic

    If Dunn accepts a one year deal, do it. But anything more and we would probably be out of the Adrian Gonzalez sweepstakes next year. Or maybe we could use both with one of them at 3rd. Should be an interesting move either way.

    1. art

      with one at 3rd? are you serious?

  4. Kevin G

    All of the Pitchers that want Dunn will be kicking themselves when he screw in the field at 1st.

    1. art

      Dunn at 1B and Soriano in LF, yes the pitchers, teammates, and fans would stone Hank and Ricky.