That good news comes with an asterisk, I suppose – it’s good news if you actually want the Cubs to sign Adam Dunn.

Adam Dunn has been designated a Type A free agent by theĀ Elias Sports Bureau (just barely), which means that, should a team other than the Nationals sign him in free agency, that team has to give up a first rounder to do so.

Why is this good news for the Cubs? Teams with the top 15 picks in the draft (one of which is the Cubs) have their first round pick protected – instead, they give up their second rounder to sign a Type A free agent. That means that Adam Dunn comes more cheaply to the Cubs than he would to a team with a bottom 15 pick (i.e., the 15 best teams in baseball in 2010, which coincidently, on the balance, tend to be the teams with the most money to spend, and the most likely to compete for a guy like Dunn’s services). It also means that the market for Dunn will be slightly tempered – some teams will be reluctant to spend as much money on Dunn, knowing that it’ll cost them a first rounder.

So how much does this actually affect the Dunn bottom line? Perhaps not much – maybe a million or two. But it does boost the likelihood that the Cubs will land Dunn, if they want him, by a good bit.

  • marc

    Trying to figure out the reasoning behind the picture… haha

  • Serio

    Why should the Cubs spend the money on Dunn? I dont want them doing much this off season…i know we need a lefty bat-a starting pitcher & pen help…buuut i dont want to spend a lot of money

    • art

      than don’t spend any. keep your money.

      • serio

        oh Art….you are soo funny, but keep your funny

  • CubsFanatic

    If Dunn accepts a one year deal, do it. But anything more and we would probably be out of the Adrian Gonzalez sweepstakes next year. Or maybe we could use both with one of them at 3rd. Should be an interesting move either way.

    • art

      with one at 3rd? are you serious?

  • Kevin G

    All of the Pitchers that want Dunn will be kicking themselves when he screw in the field at 1st.

    • art

      Dunn at 1B and Soriano in LF, yes the pitchers, teammates, and fans would stone Hank and Ricky.