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8 responses to “Chicago Cubs Organizational Meetings Begin Today – And So, Too, Does the Offseason”

  1. KB

    Can you imagine how much excitement we’d have if we’d just hired Sandy Alderson?

    Seriously, is there even a tipping point at which Hendry would be fired? Like, if he stole items from the locker room, slept with Quade’s wife, “accidentally” shot Ricketts during a hunting trip, traded Castro and Cashner straight up for David Eckstein, and led the Cubs to a 40-122 season…would THAT do it?

    I’m guessing no.

  2. Bric

    Ace and company: would you add Silva to the list of possible contract dumps? I don’t realistically think Z, A-Ram, or Sorriano are going anywhere for at least another year so the only heavy contracts worth moving are Fuke and Silva. They could free up about 10 mil in salary and get back a decent minor leaguer each. In my mind, it’s time to break down this contract heavy team. If not for anything else, it’ll send a message to the players: go earn your money on the field. We’re not just gonna give it to you. Thoughts?

  3. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Hendry thinks Soriano and Zambrano are good players to have so he won’t even try to move them.

  4. vegascubfan

    I think Soriano is sticking around. Who would want him?