There was a 0.0000001% chance that Adrian Gonzalez would become a free agent after the 2010 season (you know, it actually may have been 0.0000002%). That chance officially just went to zero as the San Diego Padres have picked up Gonzalez’s option for 2011 – for the pittance of $6.2 million (up from $5.5 million due to incentives reached perĀ @Follow The Padres).

Now, as far as the Chicago Cubs go, the waiting game begins – will the Padres make Gonzalez available this Winter? Next season? Will the Cubs sign Adam Dunn or wait on Gonzalez? Will Jim Hendry finish that donut?

Only one of these questions has an immediately apparent answer. We’ll have to wait on the rest.

  • art

    with the Cubs rebuilding, they can wait a year. if the padres want to deal him, the cubs should jump in. either way I’d take him over Dunn any day. it’s been proven over and over that pitching and D win. signing Dunn would be going backwards. Dunn and Soriano on the same field with these young guns. even the Giant pitchers would not win with this D. we need a GM who uses his head, Hank has no head.

  • Kevin G

    The Padres are going to meet with Gonzalez agent this week to determine if they can resign him. If they decided they he will be trade. Don’t worry everyone I am off my reynolds kick.

  • brian

    It is very nice to hear you are off Reynolds but I really want to know what it takes to get Gonzalez in the Padres sale mode? Does it take our entire farm system or just pieces that no one cares for… Can we get away with lower org guys rather than guaranteed MLB talent?

    • Ace

      It will take the best the Cubs have – quantity isn’t likely to be the thing so much as quality. The Padres will ask for Castro, if that answers your question. The Cubs, will have to make guys like Brett Jackson, Chris Archer, Chris Carpenter, Josh Vitters, Hak-Ju Lee available. How many of them it will take depends on how many other suitors there are, but those are the type of names that will be discussed.

  • Tanner

    Would you guys trade Marmol for Gonzalez? I am just thinking what it might take to get him. Maybe, then even sign Kerry Wood for a cheap deal. I just hope they wouldn’t want the entire system. Does he have a trade clause?

    • Ace

      I don’t believe he has a no-trade clause; and yes, I would absolutely consider dealing Marmol for Gonzalez.

  • Kevin G

    Tanner I called in to one of the radio show here in San Diego. And the guy that does the post show for the Padres suggested that trade with Marmol, Vitter or Colvin and another lower level prospects.

    • Bric

      That’s really cheap. Marmol, Vitters (who’s from S.D. area), and another prospect like Carpenter, McNutt, or J.Jackson (attitude problem) or Guyer is easily worth it for A.G. Even if it’s only for one year, once he gets here he’ll want to come back and the 2012 salary total will make it easier to resign him at the money he’s worth.

      • Kevin G

        When he said lower level pitching prospect I was thinking Dolis.

  • Willis

    Deal anyone and everyone they may want other than Castro. He is the one piece I don’t want to part with no matter who you are trading. He can be the 2-hole staple for 10-12 years. Other than that, these prospects are simply prospects and have proven shit at the major league level (other than Cashner can have a couple good months out of the pen). Gonzales is a top 5 1B with a monster bat and good D. Archer, Jackson, Carpenter, Cashner…I could care.