There are moments in the development of the Internet so profound that they will be remembered in the annals of history as just that – history. Broadband access. YouTube. Facebook. These things are of an importance separate and apart from being a mere piece of the web.

And now, we have another: Ozzie Guillen’s blog.

That’s right, Ozzie Guillen is planning to blog his thoughts and experiences throughout the year. Who wins? Us, that’s who.

The best part?¬†Somehow, despite a fundamental inability to type in a comprehensible way on Twitter (“Haven dinner whit the boys of ground crew awesome on flemings”), Ozzie’s blog involves complete sentences, appropriate grammar, and keen insights. Wonder how that happened

That is not to say it isn’t without it’s Ozzie-isms. A few choice bits:

I wanted to get this blog up and running to serve as an easier way to connect with you fans, in English and Spanish. That’s the same reason why I started my Facebook and Twitter pages, and don’t think that I don’t read everything you guys say. (I do so especially when I’m bored, haha.)

Of course, Aaron Rowand and Juan Uribe are like my kids (except for the fact Uribe is uglier than me, hahaha).

If nothing else, it’s good to see that Ozzie doles out his laughter judiciously – note the Uribe quip earned an additional “ha” – lest we think he’ll e-laugh at anything. I guess “lol,” “lulz,” and “lollers” are not blog appropriate.

  • jstraw

    Q: If you were commissioner of baseball, what are some of the things you’d change?

    A: I would make both leagues use the DH one year and no DH the next year so there is no more complaining about it.

    What a clown.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Shorten the season back to 154 games. No DH. At least 1 scheduled home doubleheader per team per month between Memorial Day and Labor Day (the old-fashioned kind. 1 ticket, 2 games.) All playoff series best-of-five except the World Series.

    • jstraw

      I was quoting something stupid from Guillen’s blog, not opening a session of the rules committee.