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5 responses to “Mike Quade Ready to Handle Carlos Zambrano”

  1. 1060Ivy

    Recall Lou making similar comments regarding Milton Bradley when the Cubs first acquired him.

    Great that Quade believes that he can handle him but it is Z’s job to win and not act like an ass in the process. 98% of this issue is on Z less than 2% on Cubs management.

  2. ThunderMuscle

    Mike Quade is the guy who recommended that Z go to the bullpen.

    Z: I don’t want to go to the pen, Mikey.

    MQ: I’m surprised to hear that.

    Z: I couldn’t tell you were surprised.

    MQ: That’s cause I don’t have any eyebrows.

    1. Bric

      He should have learned from uncle Leo not to open packages from strangers.

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