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4 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Could Aramis Ramirez Move to First Base?”

  1. KB

    Actually, according to some fielding metrics, his defense really HAS slipped in the past few years. He had a few good seasons around his contract year, and the 97-win year, but lately, he’s been weak.

    He seems like a perfectly fine 1B option to me. If he can handle third, he could certainly handle first. That way, we could take a look at Adrian Beltre, and get near Dunn-like offense, while vastly improving our defense.

  2. ramy16

    ace his defence is great!..however his bat seems to come alive right at the end of his contract..i dont think hes worth the money he is asking for! dunn will strike out close to 200 times this year…were probably better off signing carlos pena. also i would like us to pick up javier vasquez.. hes a plus 200 innings eater..whats a possibilty that we pick up jason frasor??

  3. KB

    Ace, I agree that Beltre is no Dunn with the bat, but I think he’d put up good numbers in Wrigley (hes spent most of his career in the hitter’s graveyards of Dodger Stadium and Seattle’s giant park).

    And his defense is spectacular.

    True, Dunn is significantly more consistent offensively…he’s the most consistent player I’ve ever seen (he puts up almost identical numbers every single year).