From the lighter (and yet somehow predictable) side of things…

“[A] worker ran an equipment vehicle into the monument outside Wrigley Field during the recent conversion of the field for next Saturday’s Northwestern-Illinois football game, putting a sizable crack in the granite base.

The Cubs, who moved the statue of the announcer from the bustling Sheffield and Addison corner last summer to make room for a statue of Hall of Fame outfielder Billy Williams, already have ordered new granite and hope to have repairs completed in the next couple of weeks. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

It’s understandable that a guy would run into the huge statute with it just sitting there in the middle of traffic.

It’s not in the road, you say? It’s in the middle of an open walking area, you say?


  • KB

    Billy Williams statue? That’s cool.
    Hard to believe that the Cubs had a lineup at one time that featured two HOFers in their primes, Ron Santo, a near-HOFer, a HOF manager, all-stars at 4 other positions, two bullpen guys had had just won reliever-of-the-year awards, and two other 20-game winner types BESIDES Fergie in the rotation

    And never once went to the post-season.

  • CubsFanatic

    Darn statues always jumping out in front of vehicles. :p