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5 responses to “Governor and Mayor Say No Dice on Ricketts’ Plan for Wrigley Cash”

  1. Aisle 424

    I’d be more inclined to agree that the money would be a necessary evil if there was a drop of a chance that the Cubs would ever leave Wrigley. They aren’t. Not only has Ricketts stated time and again how much his family loves Wrigley, but pretty much every other state is in the same bind as Illinois. There aren’t going t obe many suitors lined up to try to take the Cubs away at this point.

    Illinois isn’t just in debt. They can’t pay their bills. They are behind in payments by an average of 4 1/2 months. State employees are going to get canned and others that contract just won’t get paid for the work they did (but they’ll get taxed on the income they haven’t received yet).

    Ricketts’ trickle down benefits aren’t significant enough to prioritize handing them money the state doesn’t have.

  2. pfk

    In the dictionary next to “bad timing” is a picture of Ricketts. I think a good case can be made for this but not at this time during the Great Recession. Ricketts said he has no “Plan B.” Don’t believe that for a minute, he has every letter of the alphabet covered. Daley and others will come to the rescue with options. Plus, there are several ways to do this with private money. The Cubs haven’t even begun to maximize possible revenue streams like other clubs have done. Stay tuned. I’ll bet money, chalk and marbles he comes up with the dough.

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