Well this certainly came out of left field, but Steve Rosenbloom is suggesting that the Chicago Cubs may actually pursue top free agent starter – and sure-to-be-centimillionaire – Cliff Lee. Um, what?

Before allowing your BS meter to explode, let’s see what he has to say.

The Cubs have been linked to the pursuit of Cliff Lee, the left-hander who would represent the ace the team sorely lacks.

The Yankees already met with Lee, as have the Rangers, the team he just helped pitch into the World Series. Other teams reportedly expressing interest were the Red Sox and Phillies — and the Cubs.

Wait, didn’t Tom Ricketts say he expected to reduce payroll and spend more money on scouting and development? Hardly sounds like a guy ready to fork out $161 million for a seven-year deal.

If the Cubs want to convince Lee to come to Chicago, they can point to Roy Halladay, a longtime American League stud who went to the National League and just won the Cy Young Award unanimously. RosenBlog.

Now, before you start going all OMG CLIFF LEE!!!!1!!!1!lol!!!!!, recognize that the apparent source for Rosenberg’s “rumor” is a bald statement in an ESPN article that the Cubs, among a number of teams, are believed to have “some level of interest.” I think that probably covers every team in MLB (and Japan, and the soon-to-be-formed Cliff Lee Celebrity Softball League).

We have no reason to doubt the veracity of numerous reports that the Cubs’ payroll for 2011 will dip slightly. Thus, short of dumping several big-money contracts, the Cubs will not have the money to pursue Lee.

  • pfk

    Tsk tsk…you mean to say you didn’t trust your, “well connected, high placed, was on the same elevator with him, I once attended a Cub game,” highly regarded sources?

  • pfk

    Sources? Sources? Hey, I expect this blog to print whatever was thought up at Cook County jail! Don’t go getting too serious now. Please. I love your humor and find wildly ridiculous rumors hilarious – as long as its pointed out that the source was crazy. Yes, I do also like it when you actually do have a source. Keep it man…I go to your blog now even before I read the Trib or the Sun Times. Love it!

    • Ace

      Thanks, pfk. That’s what I hope for – tell your friends. And then hug them.

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