From the source who tipped me off to the Chris Davis trade rumor three days before Bruce Levine reported it:

The rumor has legs, and the Cubs are strongly considering Davis for at least four reasons: (1) a cheap option at first base frees up money for the Cubs to pursue pitching, (2) it’s a low risk/high reward type move, (3) Davis can play third base, so he could be a valuable bench player for the Cubs if nothing else, and (best of all) (4) the Padres like Davis.

For my part, this is the kind of move that, among others, has marked Jim Hendry’s tenure as GM: low risk move for a guy under contract cheaply for a while who can maybe start, and maybe just fill a bench spot. Acquiring Davis gives the Cubs a reasonable option at first, but does not preclude them from going after a free agent, or Adrian Gonzalez.

It makes far too much sense – from the Cubs perspective – not to be pursued.

  • Serio

    I know people are going to rip me for this, but give them Soto for Davis

  • NUwildcat2007

    Giving up one of the best catchers in baseball for a first baseman that hasnt produced in two years? Yea, you deserve to get ripped for that one.

    If you are going to trade Soto, he will be a part of any deal that involves Agon or be a part of a deal that nets us a leadoff type hitter (ellsbery, gardner, weeks ect) He is by far our most valuable trading piece, and, if the cubs were smart, should be dealt during the offseason.

    • Serio

      Yeah i thought so. I do think we should look & see what we could get for Soto. I didnt know he was one of THE BEST catchers in baseball.

      • Ace

        He is.

        I’m not opposed to the Cubs shopping Soto, but they could certainly get a whole lot more than Davis for him.

  • Jeff

    No way, can’t give up Soto for something like this, as long as he keeps the ganja under control, I can’t see giving him up for anything less than a top tier, proven player. I like them going after Davis, but they can’t even think about trading Soto for any available 1b not named Gonzalez.

    I know the Cubs aren’t going to add a lot of payroll, but why aren’t the they even taking a look at Zack Greinke? He’s got a relatively low salary and the Cubs prospects match up pretty well with what the Royals will be looking for according to what I’ve been reading. They seem to be holding off on AGonz and with the prospects the Cubs have right now, Greinke seems to be there for the taking, any thoughts? I know starting pitching doesn’t seem to be the top priority, but I think they have to seriously consider going after a young top of the rotation guy if they have the chance. (If Greinke is too out of reach, I also hear James Shields might be available and more affordable)

  • Jon

    Soto for Chris Davis lol. Is that supposed to be serious? Idk where you come from, but from where I come from an average defensive catcher that OPS’s .900+ is extremely valuable. Stop living in 2009. That year was flukey and he was hurt. Don’t kid yourself, Soto is about on par as Starlin Castro in terms of value.

  • ed

    The Cubs are well provisioned in catcher prospects. Chirinos or Castillo for this guy would be good. Besides, Davis has serious power, and this move leaves money on the books to improve the promising but young bullpen with a veteran arm, say Kerry Wood maybe. I guess I’m a little sentimental.

  • pfk

    Puff, puff, puuuufffff…wow maaaan, trade the Soto dude for..ppuuuffff…what were we talking about ?