Yesterday, the Chicago Cubs added pitchers Chris Archer, Kyle Smit and Alberto Cabrera, and outfielder Brandon Guyer to the team’s 40-man roster, which will protect them from the upcoming Rule Five Draft. It also means that the players will have a chance to make the big club out of Spring Training.

Archer, the organization’s top pitching prospect, will get a chance to win a rotation spot, while Smit and Cabrera will vie for bullpen spots. Guyer, the organization’s positional player of the year in 2010, will hope to land a bench spot in the clogged outfield rotation, unless a starting spot is opened up via trade.

The 40-man stands at 39. A curious non-addition is third baseman Marquez Smith. Smith, 25, is coming off a solid year in 2010 and was expected to compete for a bench job on the 2011 big club. He’s ready to be tested in the Majors, and it would be unsurprising to see him selected in the Rule Five Draft if he’s left unprotected.

  • CubsFanatic

    Where the heck is Brett Jackson on the 40 man roster?!

    • Ace

      He’ll be added if he makes the big club, but no worries – he’s not eligible for the Rule Five Draft. No risk in not adding him right now.

  • art

    I’ve never understood the “he’ll fight for a bench spot” mentality of any club. why can’t Guyer fight for a starting OF position? if memory serves me right, I don’t see any super star in LF, CF, or RF on this team.

    of course, some will say “what are you going to do with Soriano”. if he’s not the best coming out of ST, sit him. if you’re not going to release him, sit him. if he’s flat out one of the best 3 coming out of ST, play him.

    Soto, Castro, and Aram have jobs sewed up. under Quade you also have Byrd and Soriano. from my view point and a fair good manager, you really have 5 spots open. 1B, 2B, LF, CF, and RF.

    Soriano is lazy cause guys like Louie and Quade let them. light a fire under his ass and give him real competition. trade Byrd. that’s just how i see it.

    • Ace

      He’ll have a starting spot as his goal, but I’m being realistic. Most believe he’s not ready for the bigs, let alone a starting spot in the bigs. Tyler Colvin proved that a guy can “compete for a bench spot,” and parlay that into a starting role. It’s just a realistic expression: Guyer will be competing for a bench spot, assuming Soriano, Byrd, Fukudome, and Colvin are all still on the team and healthy.