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5 responses to “New Pitching Coach Will Come from In-House”

  1. Jack Nugent

    Unfortunately, no matter who replaces Rothschild, I’m inclined to believe the Cubs will be worse off without him almost no matter what. You can’t say enough about the fact we have substantial data suggesting Rothschild has a positive impact on both his pitchers’ walk and strikeout rates.

    It’s pretty tough to quantify the impact a coach can have on his players, but we know for a fact that Rothschild is good at what he does.

  2. Jeff

    Why is the list precluded to in house candidates at this point. The season just ended not too long ago. I find it very hard to believe that there isn’t a better candidate available than the Cubs bullpen or minor league pitching coaches. If they aren’t going to spend the money on the players and put the money they have into developing their own prospects, it should stand to reason that the best teachers and coaches should be put in place to help these players get better. Coming out the day after your pitching coach of a decade leaves and saying that there is no better fit for this organization than what they already have in house is absolutely ridiculous.