Blackout Cubbetry: Sayonara, Micah

A new feature here at Bleacher Nation, for those of who who don’t hate the Enhanced Box Scores. Don’t say I never tried nothin’ fresh.

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4 responses to “Blackout Cubbetry: Sayonara, Micah”

  1. pfk

    Love it! I love the Enhanced Box Score and now there is something to tide me over the winter. Can’t wait to see the next one. Apparently, Japanese pitchers can’t throw a curveball low and away, which may be why so many guys who can’t handle it here go there. Actually, if I knew I wasn’t going to make it in the bigs it would be fun to go there and play for awhile. And, if you catch on, the money ain’t shabby.

  2. marc

    Love it… Lmao

  3. Kenny L.

    Nice. I hope there are more on the way.