Once euphimistically referred to as a middle-tier or bargain option
for the Chicago Cubs at first base in 2011, catcher/1B/DH Victor
Martinez has reportedly signed a 4 year, $50 million (!) deal with the
Detroit Tigers.

While Martinez was never a realistic option for the Cubs, his signing
could very will impact the Cubs. First, it sets the market (and
seemingly sets it very high, unless Martinez can actually stay behind
the plate). Second, it closes off a possible landing spot for some of
the middle tier first baseman the Cubs will consider. Probably of no
relevance to the Cubs, it could also close off a spot for Adam Dunn
(who, ironically, might now get a smaller contract than Martinez).

  • BT

    Holy macaroni. 50 mil?

    • Ace

      Gives me cold shivers thinking about how much Geovany Soto is going to get…

  • CubsFanatic

    Well as much as I wanted Victor, thats just too much for him for me. So now we need to sign Hudson and FAST. Unless they think Ju Lee is ready. And LaRoche needs to be signed. Or Pena. Just someone unless they know we are getting Adrian.

    • ed

      Why Hudson? The Cubs have DeWitt, Baker and Barney already up, not to mention Lee, Flaherty, LePage and Watkins coming up. The Cubs need first base help, preferably somebody who hit above .200 last year and bullpen help; all with a limited budget. Hudson is a luxury the Cubbies can not afford! I vote for save the cash for 2012!

      • Raymond Robert Koenig

        Great defense. Switch hitter. Potential lead-off batter.

        • CubsFanatic

          Dead on.

    • Ace

      No need to rush at 1B. Not only are the Cubs trying to wait out Gonzalez, I don’t see a super option at first (other, arguably, than Dunn). So why not just let everyone else sign, and then sign the last one?

      • rylan

        Because we literally have no first baseman. We aren’t guaranteed Adrian, and the Padres might not even deal him until the trade deadline. What happens when the trade doesn’t work out? Instead of a LaRoche or Pena, we get some backup that’s floated around from team to team.

        I’m usually never going to argue with you Ace, its just the sooner the better in my mind.

        • Ace

          But there are *plenty* of options right now, and only so many teams who need a first baseman. The Cubs can afford to wait until there are only a couple left – it’s not like players sign secretly overnight (well, except Rafael Furcal).

  • pfk

    Given the economy, I’m very surprised at the benchmark prices that are being set so early. I can understand the Cliff Lee’s of the world getting record amounts but some of the others have been very surprising. I’m anxious to see what Dunn actually fetches. And, what some of these mid-tier pitchers get. Interesting stuff. I love the business aspect of sports.

    • Ace

      I’d love to see someone do an analysis of what has happened to line-worker wages from 2000 to 2010, executive compensation from 2000 to 2010, and then professional baseball player salaries from 2000 to 2010. My suspicion is that players have been insulated.

  • curt

    what are baseball owners thinking these initial signings are outrageous come on 11million for aubrey huff 1 decent yr and he gets that victor martinez 4years and 50 million the middles of the road guys must be smiling from ear 2 ear i guess i dont undertsand the urgency of the signings they for the most part waited the players out last year so why the hurry this time

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Every team in baseball is making a profit. No matter what they (or their books) say. These early signings just prove that. It will continue. Except for the Cubs. Hendry hasn’t done anything yet. And he won’t do anything major. Right now he’s in “protect my job” mode.