For those of you terrified that the Chicago Cubs might overpay for Jon Garland, fear no more: he’s signed with the Dodgers on a one-year deal with a vesting option. No word on money yet, but it’s likely to be a raise on the $5ish million he pulled in last year with the Padres.

Now the Cubs will have to settle for a pitcher like Jon Garland. Rejoice.

  • Jeff

    I wanted the Cubs to go after Garland two off seasons ago, he seems like a good middle of the rotation innings eater. With the guys they have on staff now, I think they should be looking at one of the injured, low risk/high reward guys. They could get Brandon Webb, Erik Bedard, or Jeremy Bonderman on the cheap and hope they have a Ryan Dempster type turnaround with the Cubs. From what I’ve heard, Webb is open to the Cubs, and his arm is doing pretty well, if he could get even close to what he was before it would be the type of FA steal a team with limited funds needs.

    • Ace

      I wonder how much of the Ryan Dempster turnaround was attributable to the now-departed Larry Rothschild…