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10 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Clearly the Chicago Cubs Are Discussing Derek Jeter”

  1. art

    that was Phil Rogers spreading that rumor. I swear he’s lost it.

    1. Butcher

      That would imply that Phil ever had it.

  2. ed

    straight up silly

  3. rylan

    Can’t wait for the OMG derek jeter watch…

  4. pfk

    Guys, this is actually true! It is all part of a deal to bring Konerko to play first base, Uribe to play second base, Castro at short, Jeter to third, Soriano becomes the Designated Hitter (Selig is about to announce the DH coming to the NL next season), Cliff Lee is the Cubs’ opening day starter and Upton goes to left field. It is a very complicated deal but it’s all but final.

  5. george

    cubs need him

  6. Fella

    “in no universe – not even a parallel universe where trees grow down and Tony La Russa operates a free hugs booth at the Cubs Convention – are the Chicago Cubs considering making an offer to Derek Jeter.”

    LOL, nice Ace…. that made me about spit my drink out.