Ready your voodoo magic repellent.

Today the St. Louis Cardinals traded reliever Blake Hawksworth to the Dodgers for Ryan Theriot, whom they view as a possible starter at shortstop or second base. And on the Cardinals, he just might become that.

The move is a big win for the Dodgers, who were widely expected to non-tender Theriot this week. If there is any consolation here, it is the fact that the Cardinals will now tender Theriot a contract in the range of $3 million. Er, except he’ll play like Hanley Ramirez on steroids, so even the steep price won’t hurt the Cards.

  • pfk

    He’ll probably hit for the cycle in his first appearance at Wrigley. Or, hopefully, he’ll pull one of his patented, I-can-throw-him-out-lying flat-on-my-back…oops, he just threw it into right field…3 runs will score…

  • Serio

    WoW this move totally improves the Cubs…way to go Hendry! Wait What?

    • Serio

      serio u r so smart ur father has taught u well

      • ed

        Something tells me you have a “complicated” personality.

  • ed

    Batting title.

  • art

    Theriot said he’s finally on the right side of the Cubs/Cardinals rivalry. when he was here he always said he was a born cub fan and wanted to play and retire a cub. what a joke.

  • pfk

    Interesting how the Cards are excited that he steals 20 bases every year. What they don’t seem to know is his poor percentage, his pickoffs, his constant running gaffes. Wait till they see one of those situations where the pitcher just scored all the way from first on a double and is huffing and puffing and needs time to regroup – then Theriot comes ups and swings at the first pitch and grounds out. I love his competitive nature and hustle but there are a whole bunch of things I don’t miss.

  • Bric

    I know one thing I won’t miss- hearing about his glory days at LSU with his old double play partner Mike Fontenot every time the Cubs were a game of the week on fox or ESPN. It looks like Hendry’s finally decided to take a chance on scouting the other 1000 college teams in the country instead of just watching the college world series and drafting out of the college baseball powerhouses. You would think he should understand the difference between an above average college player and a legit pro prospect. Now what to do with D.J. LaMahiew…

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