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Month: November 2010

Keeps Tabs on the Latest Chicago Cubs Rumors This Offseason

Warning: you’re about to be solicited. But it’s the good kind of solicitation – like the ones you get cruising the Las Vegas strip. Ok, so those aren’t very good either. Are you following Bleacher Nation on Twitter yet? If not, do it. Nine out of ten dentists agree that following Bleacher Nation on Twitter […]

Harry Caray Statue is Cracked

From the lighter (and yet somehow predictable) side of things… “[A] worker ran an equipment vehicle into the monument outside Wrigley Field during the recent conversion of the field for next Saturday’s Northwestern-Illinois football game, putting a sizable crack in the granite base. The Cubs, who moved the statue of the announcer from the bustling […]

Lukewarm Stove: Could Aramis Ramirez Move to First Base?

To date, guys like Nick Johnson and Carlos Pena and Adam LaRoche have been mentioned as economical alternatives to Adam Dunn at first base for the Chicago Cubs next year. But if the Cubs want to get *really* economical, they’ll try to find a first baseman internally. Of course, the Cubs don’t really have a […]

Starlin Castro Heads Back to Work

Chicago Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro made it to the big leagues last year, but that doesn’t mean he’s done putting in his time. This winter, he’s being shipped off to the Dominican Winter League to continue working on his game. Don’t let anyone tell you that kids these days don’t understand hard work. The 20-year-old […]

Chicago Cubs Seeking $200 Million From Illinois

With state and local budgets tightening to near unprecedented levels, it ain’t exactly a good time to be asking for a handout. But ask the Chicago Cubs will, as new owner Tom Ricketts wrote in a letter to season ticket holders yesterday. In sum, he plans to ask the state to return a portion of […]

Kosuke Fukudome Better Hope He Doesn’t Get Traded

Or hope he’s ready to be a landlord. According to Chicago Magazine, Cubs outfielder Kosuke Fukudome has purchased a three-bedroom condo in a Lake Shore Drive building for $1.32 million. Fukudome has been renting a home on the Gold Coast since 2007, his first year with the team. Muskat Ramblings. Of course, with the way the […]

Lukewarm Stove: Daisuke Matsuzaka/Kosuke Fukudome Swap Unlikely

A couple weeks ago, there were whispers of a potential Daisuke Matsuzaka/Kosuke Fukudome swap between the Cubs and Red Sox this winter. The whispers picked over the last few days before being squashed. Daisuke Matsuzaka’s name did not come up during the Chicago Cubs’ recent organizational meetings, according to a baseball source. That doesn’t preclude the […]

Chicago Cubs Part With Eight Minor Leaguers

Based on their time in the minors, several Chicago Cubs’ players – some career minor leaguers, some who have been up and down – were eligible for free agency this week, and eight of them have elected to file for free agency: Mitch Atkins (who saw action with the Cubs this year), Russ Canzler, Jason […]

Brad Snyder is Gone

Today the Chicago Cubs outrighted outfielder Brad Snyder to remove him from the 40-man roster, and Snyder elected to become a free agent. It’s possible he’ll re-sign with the Cubs as Angel Guzman did, but after not getting a real shot to make the big club last year, Snyder might well decide to take his […]

Obsessive Adrian Gonzalez Trade Watch: His Shoulder is Jacked Up

Here’s a bit of a surprise on the Adrian Gonzalez front: he was dealing with a serious labrum issue last season. It makes his numbers all the more impressive, of course, but it puts the beginning of his 2011 season in doubt. Adrian had his labrum repaired two weeks ago.  He will start shoulder surgery […]

Ryne Sandberg Could be the Phillies’ Next Manager – At AAA

Ryne Sandberg has decided to depart from the Chicago Cubs organization after failing to land the team’s big league managerial job, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to find a better gig elsewhere. Sandberg, who assuredly hoped to land, at a minimum, a Major League bench coach job, is reportedly a candidate for the Phillies’ […]

Mike Quade Ready to Handle Carlos Zambrano

Carlos Zambrano is going to be a part of the 2011 Chicago Cubs, for better or worse, and the most fans can do is hope that he pitches like he did in the final month and a half of the 2010 season. At least a portion of that time, Zambrano was pitching for interim manager […]

Chicago Cubs Will Consider Trading for Adrian Gonzalez

Are you ready for an Obsessive Adrian Gonzalez Trade Watch? It could be on the horizon. The San Diego Padres have confirmed that they will listen to offers for their 29-year-old first baseman, and the Chicago Cubs are expected to make a run at him. Like many teams, the North Siders have had their eye […]