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4 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Lance Berkman Will Cost $7 Million, Adam Dunn Wants $60 Million”

  1. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Hendry should sign Hudson first. He’ll sign for less than any 1B the Cubs might be interested in. Plus, he’d improve more areas of the team. Then sign a 1st basemen if the price is reasonable. If not, put Colvin there and keep Fukudome in RF.

    1. Larry

      I can’t help but agree. Moving Colvin to first would open up a spot for Guyer or Jackson and allow the Cubs to use their money in other areas to improve the team. If they move Colvin to first and he continues to improve, then that position could be set for years to come and all the money coming off the books next year can bring in a front line pitcher or a solid bat at another position. I would love to have A-Gon as much as the next person, but the Cubs are going to be bidding against the Red Sox and their deep pockets, so his signing with Chicago is far from a certainty.

  2. CubsFanatic

    Sign LaRoche to a one year deal. Sign Hudson to a one or two year deal. Next season, GO FOR ALBERT!!! Adrian is nice, but hes no Pujols.

  3. KB

    One problem with the Colvin at 1B scenario…he can’t hit well enough for the position.
    Since it’ the easiest position on the diamond to play, it comes with the expectation that the guy manning it will hit a TON. Think Pujols, Dunn, Texiera, A Gonz, DLee in his prime…any of those guys remind you of the Mendoza-line OBP guy that Colvin is?

    Nuff said.