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3 responses to “Starlin Castro is Doing Some Defensive After-School Studying”

  1. art

    this is the kind of kid that can play anywhere. he’d be very good at 2B, great at SS, and I think a gold glove CF’er. he can run, speed, throw, hit, steal bases, would run through a brick wall kind of kid. not just any infielder can play OF/CF, and not just any OF’er can play the IF, and i mean play at a high skill. castro has that skill. in time he’ll hit 10-15 homers if not more a year

  2. Scarey

    -Screeching tire sound- 10 to 15 lbs of muscle? I understand the focus of the article was his defense, but how did you just glance over this Ace?

    1. Kenny L.

      I think they mean over the course of the year – not just this winter.