Free agent Lance Berkman has said as many as eight teams are pursuing him this winter, one of whom is the Chicago Cubs, who need a first baseman. None have yet emerged as a favorite to sign Fat Elvis, but the Colorado Rockies are making a serious push.

In the Rockies’ search for a big bat to enhance their lineup, the team is aggressively pursuing veteran slugger Lance Berkman.

Berkman, a switch-hitter and former all-star, is coming off a disappointing season with the Astros and Yankees.

But he indicated this offseason he likes the Rockies’ situation and would be open to playing the outfield if needed. “It’s definitely a place I’d like to play,” he told The Denver Post in October. The Denver Post.

Troy Renck, the Denver Post author, had previously said on Twitter that the Rockies were close to landing Berkman. He quickly stepped back and said only that, as the article indicates, the Rockies are aggressively pursuing Berkman.

The more teams that pursue – or the more aggressively that they pursue – the less likely the Cubs are to sign Berkman. Rightly, the Cubs aren’t going to be drawn into a bidding war this offseason on any player. There are other options at first base, and, while others may not present quite as attractive an option as Berkman, the Cubs are really only looking to tread water in 2011 at first base.

  • Jeff

    All the expensive first base options are being taken up. I read that Berkman is close to accepting this deal and that Dunn has accepted the White Sox offer and is going to DH for them part time because they are still planning on bringing Konerko back. If Pena does go to the nationals like expected, it looks like LaRoche or someone off the trading block for the Cubs. Anyone know what Jorge Cantu is asking for? If he’s cheap enough, his power and ability to play multiple positions would be a good fit at Wrigley.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    All the leftover FA 1B are exactly that. Leftovers. Hendry should wait it out and sign one to a contract where he isn’t overpaying. Berkman is still my choice. Knows the division. Knows the league.

    • Ace

      Exactly. Just get the last guy for peanuts; who cares who he is. 2011 isn’t going to be won or lost at first base (considering who’s left available), so why waste the money?