Granted, the Cubs crossed him off weeks ago, but his name kept popping
up in connection with the team. Nevertheless, they never made an
offer, and today, Dunn signed a 4 year, $56 million deal with the
White Sox. Times must be good in Chicago for the city to have that
kind of cash to throw at a needed player.


Dunn’s skillset will play better in the AL where he can DH from time
to time, but it’s hard not to feel a little slighted as you stare at
the VACANCY sign currently manning first base for the Cubs.

  • Peter Kempf

    Cubs sign Baker and the Sox sign Dunn. What’s wrong with this picture? We’re just going to have to gut it out for a season until the Cubs can straighten out the bad player budget conundrum. I get more nervous by the day that Hendry is just not the GM to do it right. Somebody please convincel me I’m wrong.

    • Miguel

      Unfortunately I don’t think you are wrong Peter.

      • Serio

        Your right he’s not the right GM for the job

    • Jeff

      Peter, I’ve had that feeling for a while. It probably started in september when the Cubs were winning after Quade took over. At this point it doesn’t look like they will do anything of major significance this off season. I am putting all my hope for next season into a Carlos Silva like surprise for whomever they add at first base and hoping the front end of the bullpen and the back end of the rotation problems solve themselves.

    • Bric

      Sadly, it was a right move to sign none of these players. The Cubs are so screwed right now with aging players, huge salaries, and no trade clauses that they’re gonna have to wait for the good free agents to sign and then try to make a move or two with the teams that lost out (Angels, Rangers, Padres, Twins et al) that hope to make the playoffs this year. We finished just above the Pirates in the standings and know we’re thinking like them too.

  • Serio

    This is how i feel as a Cubs fan

  • art

    i think he has 1 plus year as GM. Ricky will then bring in his guy sometime in 2012 with all that free money. can’t trust Jimmy with it.

  • Rich

    Four Cubs catchers now on the 40-man roster. This article makes sense:

    Jeff Baker signed and Koyie Hill tendered – Does this mean there is a trade looming?
    Paul Sullivan of Chicago Breaking Sports is reporting that the Cubs have signed Jeff Baker to a 1 year $1.175 million contract. In addition, the Cubs have offered Koyie Hill arbitration, meaning that neither player was non-tendered.

    Thus, the Cubs now have 4 catchers on their 40-man roster, which is one too many. This makes me think that we may be seeing Texas’ Chris Davis in a Cubs uniform soon.

    With Geovany Soto returning to form and under team control for at least 3 more years, the Cubs may feel they can part with one of their catching prospects and trade either Welington Castillo or Robinson Chirinos to Texas for Davis.

    It would be a deal from strength for both the Cubs and Texas, as Davis is blocked at first by Mitch Moreland. Given that Davis will only make a little over $400K next year, acquiring him would allow Jim Hendry more payroll flexibility to sign the starter and right handed reliever he covets.

    The picture should become more clear during next week’s Winter Meetings, but I have to believe the Cubs will not head into the 2011 season with 4 catchers on their roster.