Cross Lance Berkman Off the List

Well this is one of the busier Saturdays you’ll see.

Today, Lance Berkman signed with the St. Louis Cardinals (um, what?) for one year, and $8 million. He’ll play left field (where he hasn’t played since 2007), and Matt Holiday will shift to right field. For a team that has won championships, in large part, on defense, having Ryan Theriot at short, Lance Berkman in left, and Matt Holiday in right… it could be an adventure.

Then again, it’s the Cardinals, so you can probably start polishing the Gold Gloves.

The Cubs are running out of first base options, and fast. It still looks like Chris Davis is coming the Cubs’ way, but the question is whether he’s expected to be *the* first baseman, or *a* first baseman. Carlos Pena remains the most likely free agent option.

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8 responses to “Cross Lance Berkman Off the List”

  1. Serio

    Well the Cubs arnt going to spend a dime. Dig that home boy

  2. curt

    are we going 2 do anything r wait till everyone is gone oh yeah we hve 2 wait because the man looking is the same man who caused all this well see what happens when some of this big money comesoff the books after next year

  3. Raymond Robert Koenig

    Even after next year the Cubs are stil stuck with Soriano. They’re only HALFWAY through his contract.