While the Red Sox and Padres agreed to a deal in principle for Adrian Gonzalez, the deal was subject to (though not contingent on) the Sox and Gonzalez negotiating a long-term extension. That negotiating window has now passed. Although the two sides continue to negotiate, I’ve heard that things aren’t looking good.

Now the ball is in the Red Sox’s court: do they go through with the trade anyway, and risk losing Gonzalez at the end of the season? Or do they back out of the deal?

This story isn’t over yet. A deal could still be reached, but it’s at least as likely that Gonzalez could remain a Padre… for now.

UPDATE: Not to pull the whole you-heard-it-here-first thing, but, well… you heard it here first. Multiple outlets are now reporting that the trade has fallen through. I’m hearing that the two sides are trying to rework the trade, now that the extension piece isn’t going to happen. Looks like Jon Morosi has heard the same.

  • greg

    The plot thickens

    • Ace

      It really does. This is kind of exciting.

  • Name: Mark

    start with 7yrs 161 million 23/yr.It’s more then Texiera makes a year!Don’t worry Theo gets it done.You don’t give up that much and not sign Agon!Sign Crawford and a couple of guys for the bullpen!And we’re ready to roll!Nice job with trade Theo!Anthony Renaudo will help us forget Casey Kelly!