The body that is the Adrian Gonzalez trade to the Red Sox is still warm, but the Chicago Cubs have already reached out to the Padres about the first baseman, says a source.

Shortly before the Padres and Red Sox agreed in principle to the trade late in the week (and as reported yesterday), it was reported that the Chicago Cubs were making a push for Gonzalez. And indeed, the Cubs were trying very hard late into the night on Friday to put something together. The push didn’t last long, as the Red Sox seemingly landed Gonzalez, and began working on an extension on Saturday.

Now that the Red Sox trade has fallen through, the Cubs are looking to try and restart talks with the Padres, which previously didn’t get very far – according to the source – because of the Cubs’ reticence to deal Andrew Cashner, Tyler Colvin, Chris Archer, Brett Jackson, Hak-Ju Lee or Trey McNutt. The Cubs may now be more willing to part with some from that group.

The rub is the Padres’ willingness to move Gonzalez before the season starts, now that his perceived value is reduced – that is to say, now that it’s been established he’s going to be very hard to sign to an extension. The Padres don’t feel like they have to move Gonzalez this Winter, and might be content to wait until mid-season, hoping that Gonzalez will come back fine from shoulder surgery, and re-establish his position as one of the best first baseman in the game.

For now, the Cubs appear ready to try and make another run at Gonzalez. And the Red Sox haven’t given up on trying to pin down a Gonzalez deal, either. This week’s Winter Meetings certainly should be exciting.

UPDATE: It looks like Cashner and Colvin are now being made available. The Cubs are still very reluctant to move Jackson, McNutt, Archer, and Lee (in that general order).

  • CubsFanatic

    Trade anyone not named Brett Jackson, Hak Ju Lee, or Chris Archer. But one thing though. If we do get him, who would you guys rather have at 1B? Adrian or Albert (If we would pursue him.)?

    • Ace

      If the Cubs manage to land Gonzalez, I’m sure re-signing him becomes the top priority at first base, even over Pujols (not that I’m saying he’s better than Pujols). I just can’t see Pujols leaving St. Louis.

    • pfk (Peter F. Kempf)

      I wouldn’t make anybody untouchable Prospects are a gamble (as we have painfully learned the past few years) and I don’t see any of them putting up numbers like 30+ home runs a year and 100+ RBIs. I’ll take a sure thing any day.

  • greg

    Dear God,

    You owe us.


    • Ace

      Dear Pygreg,

      God can’t hear Cubs fans.


  • Cheryl

    Offer Castro, not Lee. Lee is supposed to be even better than Castro, add two young pitchers and a catcher. What more can they want?

  • Cheryl

    And, if you really want to make cubs fans happy, throw in Soriano and pick up most of his salary.

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  • eryk

    The Red Sox offered way too much for Gonzalez and if the Cubs have half a brain they wouldn’t make an offer near what Boston offered. They would be smarted to go after some one like Kila Ka’aihue for a very very lower price and he still has the potential to be good.

    • Larry

      I couldn’t agree more. There are some good young options that might be available out there. That the Cubs wouldn’t have to mortgage the farm to acquire. I would like to see what it would take to get Smoak from Seattle or either Butler or Ka’aihue from KC. (I know Butler is a righty, but he is an upgrade over what we currently have at first.)

  • Name: Mark

    start with 7yrs 161 million 23/yr.It’s more then Texiera makes a year!Don’t worry Theo gets it done.You don’t give up that much and not sign Agon!Sign Crawford and a couple of guys for the bullpen!And we’re ready to roll!Nice job with trade Theo!Anthony Renaudo will help us forget Casey Kelly!

  • Sandberg

    Reluctant to trade Tyler fucking Colvin? What is this, amateur hour?

  • art

    LOL, agree about Colvin.

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