What can I say? With the Winter Meetings on tap, it’s a Lukewarm Stove kind of day.

First baseman Carlos Pena – he of the swell glove, mighty power, and terrible average – remains firmly on the Chicago Cubs’ radar (they’ve spoken with his agent, Scott Boras), but Pena’s level of interest is unclear. It appears that he would prefer to return to Tampa Bay, but his leading suitors are the Cubs, Nationals and Orioles. The type of contract it will take to get Pena has never been suggested, and with the absurd dollars flying around this weekend, it might be more than the Cubs are willing (or should be willing) to spend.

  • BT

    The nationals can’t throw an absurd amount of money at Pena after having spent all that money on Werth, can they?

    • Ace

      You’d think not, but I still don’t have a gauge on what kind of money Pena is going to get. If Berkman got $8mill, would Pena get like 5 or 6?

  • http://bleachernation ramy16

    just saw drian gonzalez being introduced to red sox…makes me sick…HENDRY HAS FUCKED THE CUBS FOR A LONGTIME! we arnt going to get any help at first or the pitcher we need for a rotation help! CUBS ARE FUCKED FOR A LONGTIME

    • Tanner

      I agree! I watched that on MLB network and I had to turn it so I wouldn’t throw something at it! Damn, this is pissing me off!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Svaripapa

    Pena needs the Cubs and the Cubs need Pena. His numbers would undoubtably increase at wrigley field. Not to mention he would bring stability to our infield and veteran leadership to the clubhouse. But knowing Jim Hendry he will probably waste our offseason budget on Chris Davis and Kerry Wood (Im not saying that i don’t want wood back, but I would much rather see Pena in Cubbie blue than Wood) instead of going after Pena. And if Hendry is intent on adding another pitcher, we need to pursue Brandon Webb. If he can stay healthy Webb is one of the most dominant pitchers in the MLB, and he certainly has a lot more to offer the cubs than Kerry Wood.