Winter Meetings: Day One

Here’s your 60-second rundown of all things Chicago Cubs with respect to the 2010 MLB Winter Meetings, which got underway in Orlando today:

  • The Cubs were briefly connected to a James Loney trade from the Dodgers, but that rumor was skuttled in favor of a possible Loney/Jonathan Broxton/Prince Fielder swap. At present, even that rumor looks to be of shake legitimacy.
  • Speaking of the Brewers, they had a busy day. In addition to the Loney rumors, they were internally discussing making Prince Fielder available generally. If they do so, you’d have to believe the Cubs would at least kick the tires. The Brewers also completed a deal with the Blue Jays for Shaun Marcum, swapping second base prospect Brett Lawrie. The team is also making center field prospect Lorenzo Cain available.
  • The Cubs are still talking to/about Brandon Webb, though some are starting to speculate that, because of the number of interested teams, Webb could end up getting a significant, guaranteed one-year deal. If that’s the case, the Cubs would be wise to avoid the situation.
  • Carlos Pena remains the Cubs’ favorite free agent first base target, but he’s being pursued heavily by the Blue Jays (and less heavily by the Orioles, who are slightly wary of his (still-unannounced) asking price).
  • Zach Greinke is being made available by the Royals, and he is willing to waive his no-trade clause in any trade. Despite his elite status, and relatively reasonable contract ($27 million over the next two years), the Cubs have not yet had any rumored interest.
  • And the only actual Cubs news of the day? The Cubs announced Mark Riggins, former minor league pitching instructor, as the team’s new pitching coach, replacing Larry Rothschild. The move was expected, and (coincidently?) will save the Cubs some money.

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13 responses to “Winter Meetings: Day One”

  1. Serio

    Ummm What happend to Chris Davis

  2. art

    ACE: wow, Riggins puts us over the top. seriously, about 2 wks ago on ESPN radio, when pressed, ricky said “we don’t have the finances for a Lee type contract”. so was the interest in A. G. real considering Tom’s statement? not sure if i heard it on the Mike & Mike or the chgo evening show. within the last wk 2nd banana Kenney said Hendry had the money to do what he wanted. it was on the saturday ESPN radio show. guess he could back load these offers like the sox did with A.J, and Dunn to sign Paulie.


  3. ramy16

    i said it once i said it a million times…HENDRY HAS FUCKED OUR TEAM GUYS!! i just got off…they said the cubs are still going hard after carlos pena!..but then again so are the bluejays?? and you know carlos pena is a scott boras agent…which ,means he may command some money…what ever happen to the davis deal with the rangers?? i still hope the cubs do sign brandon webb…i feel hes worth a 1 yr deal…with incentives…alot of people are falling off the board!

  4. marc

    Hopefully well come out of the meetings with a suprise…. cause we need one for our moral. Cause the way 2011 is looking… my daily outlook is def cloudy with a 95% chance a rain….FML

  5. Dingo

    ** crickets **

  6. marc

    what are the chances Adrian signs an extension with boston?