A bit of a surprise rumor from the Winter Meetings: Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is reporting on Twitter that the Chicago Cubs are “aggressively” shopping lefty starter Tom Gorzelanny this week. Given that (a) the team is looking for another starting pitcher, (b) Gorzelanny was effective as a starter last year, and (c) Gorzelanny is going to cost less than a few million this year, this is surprising.

That is not to say it’s unwelcome – Gorzelanny should have a fair bit of value given the starting pitcher market. It does raise a troubling signal that the Cubs could be veering toward an all-out salary dump mode. If he is moved, you’d have to figure the Cubs are expecting to let a youngster like Andrew Cashner (or Casey Coleman or Jay Jackson) take a rotation spot in 2011.

  • greg

    Fuck that. Why trade a cheap, young starter who has had a good year? Any idea what they’re looking for in return?

  • greg

    Fuck that. Why trade a cheap, young starter who has had a good year? Any idea what they’re looking for in return?

  • Len Dorman

    I don’t understand this move at all, very confusing to me, if anyone understands it please explain it to me.

  • Serio

    What? I dont get this. Shop ok for ok

  • jim

    This is an absolute idiotic joke if we trade Gorzo. What the hell is hendry doing . He is ruining the franchise with all his crazy moves. Let’s hold off, play colvin at 1b & fukodome in RF. Then let ramy’s & dome’s contract finish up & go after better free agents for 2012. Hendry is in a panic mode because the GM across town is smarter than he is in all aspects. Hendry would be released by a majority of baseball owners at this stage of the game. We lose santo & Ryno all in 1 month….things for the future look bleek as “Q” will play vets over rookies. Signing Hill & Baker sez it all when we have 2 solid young backup catchers & Barney in fold.

  • Raymond Robert Koenig

    Padilla just re-signed with the Dodgers for 2 million. Hendry couldn’t afford that? What’s he waiting for? Do SOMETHING!

  • BT

    By all accounts Padilla is an a-hole. I’m guessing the Cubs didn’t want him.

    • Larry

      I hope that the Cubs didn’t want him. We already have one basket-case in the rotation, we don’t need another.

  • Larry

    If they are going to shop a pitcher, I would almost rather they were shopping Wells. He wasn’t close to being effective last season.

    • Kenny L.

      Actually most advanced metrics have Wells being one of the Cubs best pitchers last year.

  • Tex

    I say trade Gorzo and Wells and develop the kids. Gorzo and Wells are as good as they will be….Average. Move Cashner to the rotation with Coleman and bring up Archer during the season. The Cubs are the 4th best team in the division this year so build for the future!

  • Bric

    I say trade him for this guy Dejan Kovecesomething or other, the reporter from the Post-Gazette. Even if he can’t pitch, with a name like that he could help out the Hawks.