As I noted earlier, Adam LaRoche’s name has been suspiciously absent from rumors attached to the Chicago Cubs’ first base vacancy – until today. CBS Sports is reporting that, not only are the Cubs interested in LaRoche, but the team is “targeting” him, and would like to close a deal “soon.”

Obviously we’ll have more on this later, and will update you if anything actually happens.

  • CubsFanatic

    I’m so happy right now. Like seriously. Sooooooo happy!

  • pfk

    Adam LaRoche? Why not? His career average is .216 in day games and since the Cubs don’t play many day games, it makes perfect sense. Not!

    • Jeff

      Plus he’s a high average, low strikeout guy who gets on base a lot. What’s that, he only hit 260 last year and struck out 170 times, and he had a 320 obp? Oh well, that’s for Quade to worry about, he’s got mad glove skills and will only cost 7 or 8 million. This guys stat line is very similiar to Alfonso Soriano, except he strikes out more, a lot more. I’d personally rather let someone on the roster have that spot and not waste the money it’s going to take to get him if his demands fall anywhere close to what the market is indicating.