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4 responses to “Lukewarm Stove: Cubs to Meet with Carlos Pena for Second Time”

  1. Jack Nugent

    True, all those guys are placeholders, but some are better than others. Other things equal, I don’t think there’s any doubt Cubs fans would rather have Carlos Pena than Adam LaRoche. And I don’t think anyone does (or should) want Chris Davis.

    If LaRoche is the guy, he probably won’t cost a ton, but he doesn’t present the upside that Pena does. It’s too bad they probably can’t afford him. Word is, the Nationals are still the favorites for Pena.

  2. buzzamus

    I think I would much rather have Chris Davis than Adam LaRoche. Davis is young and during an almost full season a few years ago had a decent average and hit 21 homers. Although agreed that Pena is the best choice of the three.

  3. Jeff

    I agree with Ace. Davis is the only one of the three that should even be considered right now. With all the talk of saving payroll and developing our own guys, they should go after Davis and forget about overpaying for another middle of the road veteran on the down side of their career. It makes absolutely no sense to sink 70% or more of their fa purse into a guy who’s going to either hit below 200 or strike out close to 200 times.