As we reported last week, the Chicago Cubs and Texas Rangers are working on a trade involving first baseman Chris Davis, and at least one of Cubs’ catchers Welington Castillo and Robinson Chirinos. The two teams are still working on the deal, but the Cubs are looking to have reliever Darren O’Day added, according to Ed Price.

O’Day, 28, has bounced around in his brief ML career, most recently being picked up on waivers by the Rangers from the Mets in 2009. He’s been all kinds of awesome for the Rangers over the last two seasons, putting up ERAs of 1.94 and 2.03 in 2009 and 2010, respectively. His WHIP was under 1.000 both years, and it’s not like it’s a small sample size – he threw 55.2 innings for the Rangers in 2009, and 62 innings in 2010. In other words, the righty is good, cheap, and isn’t going to be a throw-in.

Hence, as suggested by Bruce Levine in his chat today (and noted in the comments by reader Mike), the Cubs are expected to be sending a pitcher to the Rangers, together with one of the catchers for Davis and O’Day.

Just who that pitcher might be – whether a prospect, or someone on the big club – is unclear. A source indicates that it’s highly-touted prospect Rafael Dolis (raw 22 year old whose numbers don’t reflect his talent), but the Cubs are trying to push Tom Gorzelanny instead.

  • Jeff

    I’d rather see Gorzelanny go than Dolis, but I wouldn’t cry over either of them if the trade brought back two of the three big needs(1b and middle relief) and actually saved some money off the payroll next year.

  • greg

    Why would the Cubs offer a good MLB ready left hander after a prospect with bad numbers? Why would the Texans WANT the prospect over Gorz? What is it I’m missing about Gorz?

    • Ron

      A higher cealing, Gorz is a 4th or 5th starter and will probably never be better.

  • Tanner

    Hear that the Cubs are signing Pena?!?! 2-3 years i have heard. Anything on your front about this??

    • Deep Throat

      Not true he is still a free agent as of now but that could change by morning.

      • Tanner

        many reports say that had their second meeting late Tuesday night, expect to hear deal tomrrow

  • roughriider

    No one has said it, but I think there might be a possible trade addition of Fukadome to Texas. He could fit into thier outfield and the Cubs have done a lot for the Rangers lately. They are still owed for the Blanco trade as well as the draft and trade of. I see a possible trade of one of the Cubs catchers, Fukadome and cash to the Rangers for Davis and O’Day.

    • Ace

      Eh, I like the idea… but I think it would have to be a lot of cash.